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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fashionista? or Followerista?

I have almost three complete sketchbooks of original designs for clients to choose from when creating custom garments. However, over the years I've noticed that there are two types of client I come across. The first is fashion Forward Fashionista: This chica is a trendsetter, and wants everyone to know it, not a problem for me. The challenge here is originality without going overboard.The second type of clientele is the fashion Followerista: This lady walks an already beaten path of style with full confidence of knowing that her custom garment will turn heads. The challenge here is to make undoubtedly sure that my "knock off" delivers on it's promise and looks great if not, even better than it's original. Now both types always turn out to be some of my best work. A recent request for a custom dress has been from the 2009 music video by Jay-Z featuring Pharrell "Excuse Me Miss".

Yes, THAT dress including the beading and strategically placed skin baring holes. Did I tell you that I LOVE a challenge? So I'm currently setting out to execute this phenomenal dress for another beautiful and fashionable client. Wish me the best and I will post the result next month!

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