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Monday, July 12, 2010

!!!Haute Mama!!!

With only four days away from the reveal of a custom dress created by Pieces of Anarnia, I Nikki Nunu, fashion stylist for POA is officially declaring that it's crunch time! Anarnia has been locked away in the "sweat shop" for weeks, only to emerge for basic food and water! Okay, so not quite that extreme, but she has been working so diligently. her fingers are sore from hand sewing all those tiny beads on this custom dress. Oh, a day in the life of a passionate designer.

In my opinion, Anarnia does an awesome job balancing the many "Pieces" of her life, between
caring for her home and family, she manages to fit in going to the gym setting up play-dates for her daughter and even the occasional lunch with her husband while visiting him at work! Heck she even does her own hair and nails, now that's thrifty at it's finest. And all of these things are centered around her passion for sewing and designing unique one-of-a-kind "Pieces". I recall Anarnia telling me that her inspiration and drive for what she does comes form the many facets of her life. "These are the "Pieces" that inspire me to create." She says. For this custom garment the anticipation of seeing the finished product was definitely heightened during the fitting last week. The dress fit the client perfectly!! The client kept repeating how beautiful it was as she viewed herself in the mirror.

It was exciting and interesting to see this plain, basic, flat fabric being transformed into a chic, sexy, mini dress - heads will definitely be turning and people will be asking where this "Piece" came from! Not only has she covered the front of the dress in fine, pearl - like beads, but the stitching and interlining is precise and defined. Sometimes it just all in the details.

She's working against time with the dress, but somehow Anarnia has squeezed in time to create a matching bikini for the client and her own complete look for herself! It's definitely ambitious but she's always pulls through by pulling what she likes to call "all-nighters" The traditional two – piece bikini will be a haute original with the same detailing as the dress. As the designer her own look will an all black one sleeve tunic and legging outfit that will have detailing that mimics her clients look. Still lots of work to do, but it's almost show time!! We’ll post more pictures of the finished pieces from the actual party, as I’m sure you’re curious to see how these "Pieces" of Anarnia turned out! Until then, why not let us know what you think about custom design work by POA?


  1. OMG! You go Narni! ;^)

    I'm definitely going to keep up with what you're doing!

  2. That dress is sooo daring but oh so cool!



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