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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bag Lady, You Gon' Hurt Yo' Back!

Pssst....lemme tell you guys a little secret! This is the first handbag I have ever made! Not too shabby right? Well I'm proud of my effort and found it enjoyable and exciting to create this custom messenger for a client and friend who needed an awesome carry-all

Now lately I have been on the concept of stepping up my sewing game to feature not only a line of clothing that represents my design aesthetic but a label name that would define me the person and my work simultaneously

A one word affidavit that articulates 
  1. who I've always been.
  2. who I am
  3. who I will always be
And well, I've uncovered a truth that I am aphoristic! No, that's not some unknown terminal illness. Aphorism by definition is


a terse saying embodying a general truth, or astute observation, as “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Lord Acton).
 (courtesy of 

Hence the introduction of my new label name *Aphorism* ©
(by Anarnia). To know me, you will know that I am a lover of all things genuine and truthful, thoughtful and profound. To be able to design, create and sew with those virtues are what makes my heart sing! 
So enough with the self-expression and on with the sewing! Wish me luck and look for my collection one of a kind handbags to launch Fall 2011!❤ 


  1. Best of luck Anarnia! Love the name and apparel labels. Can't wait to see the collection.

  2. Do you have women's bags....and make up bags?

  3. This is the perfect satchel. I would so carry this on the plane, carry make-up or one of those mini-laptops. Two thumbs up! LOVE it. I hope that you have a shop soon.

  4. Dear, I came here by your coment on Tany's blog. I'll visit all your blog but, first, I have to say something: "Dios mio" is spanish. Tany speaks portuguese (me too), it's a different language and you could have used: "Meu Deus" instead.
    I love my language, that's why I always like to tell people about it.

  5. Anarnia, thanks for your visit! You did it quite well, you have only to take of the verb "ir". If you can, please help me with my english, that is really very poor.
    But that isn't no comparison between Tany and me. She is fantastic, my inspiration to create my blog and to start to study, wishing someday may sew like her.
    I hope you can come to visit me again.

  6. I missed this post! Luv it! You do such great work! I need to see more updates from you! :)


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