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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Makings of a Fledgling Blogger

I've spent roughly 3yrs learning, testing and practicing the art of blogging and each time, I learn or see something new, fresh and exciting - I'm also glad that I didn't give up! And let myself become intimidated by techy terms such as Blogosphere, Trackbacks, RSS, Meta-blogging and the like. I mean isn't that what glossary's are for?  Blogging is not really something you just roll out of bed and do and become an instant success. I mean from what I've observed from friends and awesome bloggers I admire is the fact that one actually has to work at it! Well unless you happen to be a huge celeb receiving thousands of hits from the occasional Youtube, Twitter or Facebook post.

Well for some it may seem like that's exactly what they did! Eh, but for me perfect photos and catchy blog titles are not my forte' however practice makes perfect! In fact, I know of really good bloggers that have taken photo classes to just ensure that they at least deliver quality to their audience. Right now, my virtual budget won't allow for a camera upgrade but it's definitely on the list

Anyways, I'm a pretty good writer and spending the time to develop your writing and what you want to convey is also fundamental. In the beginning I struggled to develop my voice and exactly what I was trying to say. But with practice I've realized that simply getting your voice out there is a huge part of it. 

So today, before work I decided to try a "photo shoot" of sorts in my living room. I'm currently working with a simple $100 Walmart brand camera and Picasa photo editor!lol! Yes, certainly I would love a Nikon D500 thingamajig or even my own paparazzi to follow me around - umm, second thought nah - just kidding! But just like many bloggers before me creativity in photos is paramount.

So introducing my first attempt at taking photos that are not for my own personal reference but instead for reader enjoyment hopefully curing the boredom of my ramblings. I will admit that this process was super fun with my own daughter "B" as my muse! Check her out as she helps mommie with her posing. You guys can also find out more details about the skirts I created for myself and baby at my Etsy store. 

So For all of you wonderful blog-a-be's don't give up just because you wrote a sentence, took some great pics and posted to world! Do this thing because you get joy from chronicling your life and adventures no matter how big or small. Besides blogging is the new diary - Right?

Well...Thanks for relating!


  1. GREAT post!! Luv the photos. One thing I've observed is that some successful bloggers aren't working with Nikon thingamajigs either (tho I'm a Canon girl myself), it's all about your VOICE, and staying true to what you're passionate about--it eventually falls into place! Also, a lot of these bloggers DON'T take their own pics (especially of themselves), they team up with a budding photographer. So I say, if you ever want to link up and takes for both of our blogs, let me know! I can only do so much myself. Lol

    Luv ya!

  2. Great post.

    Blogging is a lot of FREE hard work for the post part. It times great time and effort to transform into a "character" that the public loves. If it's truly what you want to do, stick with it because there's money to be made and fun to endure; ask Perez Hilton and Necole Bitchie.

    Best of luck to you.

    PS...Atlanta has great blogging events, I would love to put a face with a name.

  3. @Nik G Thank you BIG TIME on that offer! I'm just so thankful that I'm taking my time with the this quality is quantity :D

    @Dr. Regina ummm, I'm curious about what blogger events in Atlanta you are referring to? Could you inbox me on this?

  4. Thanks for your encouraging words. I've started a blog before and quit but this time I'm really dedicated as I'm hoping to grow my blog into a book. Best wishes!


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